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In early 2011 Jx (my partner) and I were getting pretty down on our work/home balance. He was working for a large scale print and production company making everything from store displays to car wraps and banners. I was working part time for a family farm. There were parts of our jobs that we really loved. The part we did not like was being away from our two kids and each other for most of the day. Adding insult to injury was the fact that, even working as much as we did, making ends meet in Seattle costs more than 1.5 incomes. Way more. Jx has always had a habit of browsing the craigslist classifieds and one day he found it;

“Innkeeper: Couple wanted”

A live-in position. How perfect! I quickly responded with;


My name is Jen and I am very interested in hearing more about your inkeeper position. Neither my partner, Jx or I have experience specific to inn keeping, but we both bring a useful mix of skills and a positive “can do” attitude. I have attached both of our resumes and we look forward to speaking more about this unique opportunity. Please let us know if you have any further questions for us!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Honestly, I wasn’t sure what kind of response (if any) I was going to receive after sending off that quick email with our resumes. What did we have to lose? How could we turn away from such an adventure. We didn’t. For the next 2 months, we endured scattered emails, interviews, and a weekend at the inn, complete with a tour of our possible new home. I spent my extra time scouting internet postings about Pacific Beach and plotting a move to the ocean. I braced myself for the possibility of not getting the position, but mostly I dreamed up fabulous scenarios where we all lived happily ever after by the sea. The timing just seemed too perfect. I don’t know if I would have been so positive about our chances if I’d known over 200 people applied for the very same position. Still I stayed optimistic and researched moving companies. It wasn’t until February 6th, about a month after our original email was sent that we finally got our definitive answer:
“We are pleased to offer you the position as the managers/innkeepers of Pacific Beach Inn. We had a lot of qualified candidates, but in the end, we believe that you stood out as a couple with the best mix of skills, personality, enthusiasm and intellect for this position. We hope that you will accept our offer. If you do agree to accept this position, we will begin the process of moving forward and start ironing out the details. Congratulations, and we hope to hear from you soon.”
I knew we’d get it! Some how, I knew.