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There are only so many sunny days I can spend around the house before it starts to feel  like I am wasting the spring away. The kids and I decided to hop in the car for a day trip up to Ruby Beach. We spent some time at Ruby Beach last year, but the weather on that day was not nearly as nice. All the stones that cover the beach were warm and the wind was pretty mellow.

Driftwood rises up and blocks the first path to the beach. There is a clearer access point further down the trail, but since part of the idea of taking a trip is to tucker everyone out for nap time, I chose the path less traveled.
Hello There, Ruby Beach! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to cross the creek to reach the larger sea stacks, but they are pretty hard to miss.
With the recent rains, the creek was moving pretty quickly and was swollen with water. I also could have planned our trip around tides before leaving home, but that’s no fun! Next time we’ll bring waders.
There were still plenty of rocks to climb on this side. She’s yelling “I AM THE WINNER!” I was pretty impressed with her determination to reach the top of these rocks.

After climbing everything in sight, I enlisted the kids to find as many heart shaped rocks as we could. They decided throwing rocks in the water was more fun, so we sat on the sun-heated stones and I found this one.
Good-bye, Ruby!
And this is a photo of Destruction Island off in the distance. My new semi-obsession is to devise a way to reach it. Currently the lighthouse is on auto-piolot and it is a nature reserve. Honestly, I just want to see the 20 pound feral rabbits. If anyone has a helicopter lying around, and a license to use it please let me know.
Do you have a favorite Olympic Peninsula hiking spot? Please share. We’ve got more sunny days coming up and toddlers running wild around the Inn.