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I’ve been busy plotting and planning with Pinterest. Do you have any idea how fun this website is? I don’t know how much of the last few months were wasted drooling over fancy party supplies and lacy dresses, but I feel really productive whenever I add a clever diy or color inspiration to my “Big Day” board.

With all of the excitement surrounding our wedding, it’s been a challenge to keep our budget in check but not feel like we are cheaping out on our special day. As a happy-medium I’ve been pushing myself to rethink expensive and prioritize what I feel is important.

What is important?

Having a meaningful wedding.

What isn’t important?


This doesn’t mean we are all going to dress in rags and sit in mud puddles for fun. It does mean we are passing on pricy things that mean nothing to us. For instance, instead of investing money if beautiful floral arrangements (that die), I’ve coerced a few friends of mine (Angie at CUTEure Creations included) into helping me make centerpieces. I’ll be DIY-ing boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets using bits and bobs from my craft stash and neat objects in my April WhimseyBox. Instead of buying those giant shiny diamonds, we settled on a set of rings from an independent jewelery artist at CocoandChia who fashioned us a beautiful set of rings that complement my Grandmother’s engagement ring. My dress is vintage from Sessle B Vintagery and we are choosing to wear TOMS.

I don’t want to divulge too much of what I have planned because I know at least some of my friends and family read this blog and I want them to be surprised on our special day. I was really planning to post about our wedding after it happened, but a blog from The Doodle House really resonated with me and reinforced that my labor of love (literally) is worth it. Our wedding is going to be the day we celebrate being together with each other and it’s a perfect excuse for us to drag our family members out to Pacific Beach to visit. I want to make pieces of art (or craft if you’re a purist) that our family and wedding party appreciate and will care about because they are special to us.

The important parts are the people. Luckily, I can use all the money I didn’t spend on a wedding dress to feed them all when they get here!