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I feel like we have really lucked out here. This spring has been peppered with beautiful sunny days and it’s only May. I hope I didn’t jinx anything, but just in case, we followed a clue from a friend and took a trip to explore July Creek along the North Shore of Lake Quinalt. Within just about a 30 minute drive, this little spot is closer than the grocery store. Perfect!

The trail was nice and level for the most part and Noonie even made the trip carrying all our drinks.

I chose what looked like the clearest path down to the water’s edge with a little pebble beach and lots of driftwood to climb on. While I took some photos, the kids went about doing whatever they wanted.

Of course, Nola jumped right into the glacier fed lake.

And Linus broke out the snacks he’d been waiting for since we packed them at home. Explaining the difference between a “right now” lunch and a “future” lunch to a 2 year old is pretty challenging, but he understood as soon as I put the lunch box down it was fair game. He sat on the log next to me and said “Do you like hiking?” and I said “I do. Do you like hiking?” and he nodded since his mouth was full of sandwich. He helped me make them before we left the Inn and he was still feeling pretty proud of his accomplishment.

We spent a good 3 hours goofing around and only saw one person near our little beach. He was drifting in a boat and fishing. The kids enjoyed discussing boats and fishing while he floated past our shore. Nola sat down next to me with her PBJ and asked “Why is it so beautiful here?” and I didn’t really have an answer for that. But I’m glad we got to see it.