Before I write this post, I want to make it entirely clear that I absolutely love the idea behind WhimseyBox subscriptions. The business just isn’t quite there. Yet. I wish them the best.

I subscribed to WhimseyBox in March. After a couple flubs, I excitedly received my box “April” box in early May.

My First Box: buttons, bright turquoise paint, stencils, a stipling brush, and a teeny tiny canvas. My thoughts: Cute! I’m sure I can figure out something to do with these. I will add them to my craft stash along with this box of crinkle paper, yellow crepe and pretty satin bow!

My Second Box: (again, a few weeks later than expected, but still excited to open it.) A tiny fabric covered notebook, a Black Crayola Fabric Marker, a Red Crayola Fabric Marker, A bit of purple craft floss, a bit of blue craft floss, and some googly eyes. My thoughts: Hmm. Crayola? These look just like washable markers that Won’t. Wash. Out. HIDEFROMKIDS. A notebook! I would take a milion more. I cannot bear to write in it. It is too adorable. What is with my office product obsession? Add floss to craft-floss-bird-nest container. Oh googly eyes, alone or in pairs, you belong every where, so cheer up and smile smile smile!

My Third Box: Studs. A Leather swatch. My thoughts: uh. Really?

So I cancelled my subscription. I don’t want to make this a negative post. Just an honest one. Maybe I’m not as into the serendipity of mystery crafts as I thought I would be.

I don’t think this is all WhimseyBox’s fault. I really blame this new local craft/gift/coffee shop (see General) that opened up between me and our closest grocery store. The Grays General Store blipped onto my radar when FB analytics starting picking up I was feeling crafty (Thanks Big Brother!) and showed me this interesting little ad link on my news feed. Make Something the ad taunted. I need to go to this store. Immediately. So I made up an excuse serendipitously needed help with sewing my wedding dress and went in to explore the shop. Britta and Judy have done an amazing job with the shop in very little time. Right now it is stocked with fairly priced craft supplies, locally made gifts, and neat little trinkets I will one day need to own for myself. And cookies. And divine Honey House Lip Butter and lotions that I’m pretty sure have some addictive (but entirely natural) additive in them. And refurbished sewing machines. A craft studio. Coffee. Did I mention cookies? I really just didn’t want to leave. This store feels like Etsy fell off the internet and exploded in Hoquiam. And it’s great. I’ll rephrase that. This store is better than Etsy and the internet because it’s in real life. With real people who really like to create and they will teach you how. Or you can teach them to do something you know how to do. Or you can sit around and eat cookies and sip tea while everyone crafts simultaneously in a harmonious and peaceful circle of creation. I’d stay longer each time I stop in if I didn’t feel so creepy with all the lovey feelings I have for this shop. And if my wonderful children didn’t wreck things. Sigh.

I’m at peace with my WhimseyBox decision. I wish you the best, my internet friend. Real life craft stores with real cozy chairs beckon. $15 dollars worth of yarn and fabric from Grays General Store keeps me in projects for over a month. I may even have some extra dollars for more Lip Butter. And a homemade cookie. Of course. I know Hoquiam is not local for everyone. The good news is, if you are driving to visit us, you’ll pass right by Grays General Store. Win!