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Turns out, it’s summer here! The weather has been flip flopping from drop dead gorgeous to what we call The Nothing.

It’s still been warm, at least!

Even with the beach intermittently disappearing and reappearing, this summer has been going well. We’ve been lucky to meet some really great guests and have been even happier to see some of the families who vacationed with us last year. It means a lot to us that they chose to vacation with us and means even more when our guests choose to return again. We’ve started placing comment cards in our rooms to gauge how we’re doing and take notes on things we may have overlooked. It’s been overwhelming the amount of positive feedback and appreciation our guests have left on these little cards. I get excited whenever anyone reads the notes and I keep all of them. They are like a little cheering squad that keep me focused on why we work the way we do.

It all matters to someone.

It’s like an amazing cycle of appreciation. We appreciate our customers and our customers appreciate our dedication to them. It makes it easier to get going in the morning to know that what you are doing is important, even if it is ironing bed skirts and folding towels.

We are a small place, but we are important to our guests. It’s nice to be appreciated, so we’ll keep appreciating our guests right back.