The Inn

The Pacific Beach Inn is a small hotel in the town of Pacific Beach, Washington. We have 10 rooms. That doesn’t sound like a lot, until you really think about how many people you can pack into a hotel room with 2 queen beds. In the summer, most weekends have no vacancies. Living where we work is a bit like always having company all the time. The rooms are comfortable without being stuffy and we are working on updating and “homing” things up a bit more. Things may not be brand new, but I make sure each room is scrubbed and freshened up for each new guest. Glimpses of the ocean can be caught from pretty much every room, but the top floor units really do the view justice. At night, if you crack a window, the sound of the rushing waves pour in to each room and it really feels like staying at the beach.

There is no reason to admire the ocean from afar because the walk to the beach is about 3 minutes from here. The Pacific Ocean builds beaches like nowhere else, and every beach along the peninsula is well worth a visit. Our beach is covered in dark, luxurious sand and often offers up interesting things like giant kelp mounds, floats, and fantastical driftwood logs.  The best part is how amazingly huge this beach is. A local friend once shared a story of walking for so long on the beach that she got home to find her bare feet sanded to a pulp. Although I do not recommend walking the beach that long, it does put the length into perspective. Driving the beach is also an option, as long as you’re not using my car and you have a firm grasp on the tide schedules. There are also special events like kite festivals, clam digging, and fishing that make great excuses for heading to the ocean. Dogs love to run around leash-free. Kids love everything on beaches. Couples love sunsets. There are bonfires. Surfing. Kiteboarding. Shell collecting. I’m sure I’m leaving something out. It’s great to fill days with carefree activities. There’s always more to do tomorrow

So… we think living here is pretty great.



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